Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Tuesday Facts About Anything: Artemis and her Temple in Ephesus

It is already Tuesday and I skipped a few days of blogging.. It's been a crazy weekend of babysitting two little girls I call my neices.

Tuesday has been named Tuesday Facts About Anything (I think I'll use this for stuff I researched. Remember I'm still trying to get the hang of this blogging thing.)

Fact One:
Artemis was a Greek Goddess, and a twin to Apollo. She was a virgin huntress, also she over saw births, marriage and sometimes helped in child-rearing.
Artemis was also natural Hellenic successor to the Phrygian Mother Goddess, who also presided over wild animals.

Fact Two:
Artemis was commonly known as a fertility goddes, because of the mulitude 'breast' that covered her statues.

Fact Three:
I find it funny that Artemis is also known to hang out with death and the underworld. I think I need to do more research in order to really get to know Artemis. She was also associated with magic, astrology and with the dark goddess Hecate (she will be blogged in the future).It was said in Athens, Hecate was worshipped as Artemis who also went by the name of Kalliste.Sacrifices to Artemis 'Hecate' were performed in Hecate shrine at Erchia in Arttica.
In a third-century amulet was found in a Roman tomb in Austria, that was a magic charm against migraines, then a story Artemis was developed. It was said a female demon rose from the ocean in a frenzy. Artemis of Ephesia meets her and exorcises her.

Fact Four:
Other Artemis titles: Artemis of the First Throne, Queen of the Cosmos, Lord, Saviour, Heavenly Goddess, Greatest and Holiest. She had control over power of astrolgical fate that was symbolized by the zodiac of her cult image, she also gave to her oracles.

Fact Five :
The Temple of Artemis in Ephesus (Modern Turkey)was bulit around the year 650 B.C., was funded by the king of Lybia; Croesus. The design was made by a well known Greek architect, Chreripgron.

Asian Minor:

Becoming number three on the list of Ancient Wonders Of The World. Being 377 feet long and 180 feet wide, and it was almost made out of all marble.
The Temple had 127 columns, each being around 60 feet tall and were carved.
In the middle of the Temple sat the Goddess Artemis, what was made up of marble and decorated in ivory and gold.
Housing many fine artworks, from Greek sculptors Polyclitus, Pheidias, Cresilas and Phradom. Paintings and gilded comlumns of gold and silver fashioned the Temple. It was said many of the scupltures were crafted by the Amazons (Another future blog, who were said founded the city of Ephesus.


Fact Six:
In 1869 a British engineer T.J. Wood, discovered the ruins

Fact Seven: Legand:
Psychopath arsonist Herostratus set fire to the Temple, he was movtivated by fame, but Artemis was too occupied with the birth of Alexander the Great to even notice her temple was set on fire. And the term "Herostratic Fame" was invented. The people of Ephesus were so outraged they instructed Herostratus's name was never again spoken of and if it was spoken then who ever said it would be put to death.

Fact Eight:
When Alexander the Great took over Asia Minor, he offering to rebuild the temple, he even told Epheus that it would be built to the original temple except for the raised platform. But the people of Ephesus denied and rebuilt the temple themselves.

Fact Nine:
Many artifacts were found from as far away as India and Persia. Things such as gold, ivory, necklaces, earrings and bracelets.
How much do you know about the Ancient Wonders?

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