Wednesday, March 16, 2011

It's all about the scents!

I was going to post this tomorrow, but found out I'm baby sitting at the crack of dawn, then off to work.. So I'm posting it today.. HAPPY SAINT PATRICK'S DAY EARLY!

Last week I talked about Black Mulberries and Sweet Violets (which I forgot to post the myth of the violet). Today it’s all about Roses…Yes, the old bridal flower that have been used in weddings since the day the camera was invented.
But I’m not talking about those kinds of roses but the kind that grows in the Mediterranean area. I’m talking about

The Gallic Rose and the Rock- Rose.

Miss Rock-Rose, please tell us a little about you and where you came from?

Hi, my Greek name is Kisthos, but I go by the name Sally.

I’m from a small family of plants that is known for being a beautiful shrub, which is covered by me, the flower at the time of blossoming. My family is so HUGE, and I mean that in a nice way. There are about 200 of us all over the world. We can’t stand the cold so I have cousins in Europe and the Mediterranean, but I was told I have cousins in North America. We love the dry ground and sunny days, what can I say, I love heat?

There is a rumor going around that we’re bisexual, (laughs) I wouldn’t know about any of that. (laughs again) How would I know, I only live for a couple of days. The color I’m wearing is a pink but I seen others wear yellow and white. I’m widely used in perfumes, so I guess I smell nice.

In my family history the Victorians came up with a brilliant idea call the language of flowers (sigh). I love romance. And they named me some word I can’t pronounce Cistaceae, which I was told that it symbolized imminent death. How sad is that? Which means “I shall die tomorrow” (Starts sniffle a little bit) I don’t want to die tomorrow! Does anybody have a tissue?

Myth: The Gorgon Medousa was seduced by Poseidon in a meadow of rock roses on the island of Kisthene. The island was named Kisthene for the flower kisthos.

Gallic Rose you're next

Hey Rock-Rose, we kind of look a like. Do you think we’re related?

Hi, (waves) I’m Greta the Gallic Rose, my Greek name that the Greeks gave me is Rhodon. Don’t ask me why, but they did. I have other names I go by also.. French Rose, or Rose of Provins.

I’m a type of rose that can be found as a native in southern and central Europe and east towards Turkey and around the Causasus.
You can find me in large patches of shrubbery, and my stems have thorns. My sisters and I can grow up single but is known to grow up in doubles and or sometimes semidouble. Each one of us have five single petals that tend to be very fragrant and a deep pink.

We were raised by the Romans and Greeks, and some of my ancestors grew up in what the Middle Ages called a garden. And we are known to share a vegetative character, we tend to lay low and be suckering shrubs. Our colors is vast from white (which I was told was rare) to pink and sometimes a deep purple.

One myth: Death of Adonis. The flower was said to have sprung or been colored by the blood of Aphrodite's dying love Adonis.
Or myth two : Bouquet of Persephone The goddess Persephone and her companion Nymphs were gathering rose, crocus, violet, iris, lily and larkspur blooms in a springtime meadow when she was abducted by the god Haides.

Now I know I can find candles and live flowers that are roses, but they don’t sell Rock-roses nor Gallic in stores, so my search continues… Till next time αντίο (good bye)

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