Saturday, March 5, 2011

It's all Greek to me!

It's been like a day since I posted but thats ok, I think today's research will be Greek words from the past couple of days. So in honor this, Saturday will be Greek word blog.. Meaning every words that I learned this week will be posted here, so that way who ever is reading this can learn with me.
Get that pen and paper out here comes this past weeks words.

Remember it's the beginner's version I'm doing... And I can't post what the word sounds like. Trust me most of the words can be pronounced easily.

Type: singular neuter
Pronunciation: alfavitismos
Definition: literacy
Greek Phrase: Ο αλφαβητισμὀς εἰναι σημαντικὀς για μια χὠρα.
English Phrase: Literacy is important for a country.

Type: adjective
Pronunciation: anikseros
Definition: unaware
Greek Phrase: Αυτὀς εἰναι ανἠξερος.
English Phrase: He is unaware

Type: adjective
Pronunciation: telios
Definition: perfect
Greek Phrase: Αυτὀς ο πἰνακας εἰναι τἐλειος.
English Phrase: This painting is perfect.

Type:singular feminine
Pronunciation: erminia
Definition: interpretation
Greek Phrase: Συμφωνὠ με την ερμηνἰα σου.
English Phrase: I agree with your interpretation

Type: singular feminine
Pronunciation: hara
Definition: joy
Greek Phrase: Μου δἰνει μεγἀλη χαρἀ αυτἠ η εἰδηση.
English Phrase: This news gives me great joy.

Type: adjective
Pronunciation: eforos
Definition: fertile
Greek Phrase: Αυτὀς ο αγρὀς εἰναι εύφορος

Type: singular neuter
Pronunciation: klari
Definition: stick
Greek Phrase: Το κλαρἰ ἐπεσε απο το δἐντρο.
English Phrase: The stick fell from the tree.

Type: singular neuter
Pronunciation: pososto
Definition: percentage
Greek Phrase: Μου αναλογεἰ μεγἀλο ποσοστὀ.
English Phrase: A large percentage belongs to me.

Type: adjective
Pronunciation: eforos
Definition: fertile
Greek Phrase: Αυτὀς ο αγρὀς εἰναι εύφορος.
English Phrase: This plot of land is fertile.

Type: singular neuter
Pronunciation: prioni
Definition: saw
Greek Phrase: Το πριὀνι κὀβει το ξὐλο.
English Phrase: The saw cuts the wood.

Type: adverb
Pronunciation: tromaktikos
Definition: scary
Greek Phrase: Ο πὀλεμος εἰναι τρομακτικὀς.
English Phrase: War is scary.

Type: singular neuter
Pronunciation: ipokatastima
Definition: branch
Greek Phrase :Δουλἐυω στο υποκατἀστημα της τρἀπεζας.
English Phrase: I work at the bank branch.

Type: verb
Pronunciation: agapo
Definition: I love
Greek Phrase: Σε αγαπὠ πἀρα πὀλυ.
English Phrase: I love you very much.

Type: singular neuter
Pronunciation: koma
Definition: coma
Greek Phrase: Ο ασθενἠς ἐπεσε σε κὠμα.
English Phrase: The patient fell into a coma.

Type: singular feminine
Pronunciation: egimosini
Definition: pregnancy
Greek Phrase: Αυτἠ η εγκυμοσὐνη εἰναι ατελεἰωτη.
English Phrase: This pregnancy is never ending.

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