Thursday, March 3, 2011


Today is the first day of, not really first day of research but the first day to actually break down and but a book on the said research..
Ok.. The topic I'll be researching will be..... Ancient Greek, hence learning Greek words and passing them on to others who wan to learn also.  Now back to the topic of books, since I can't get on the next plane to Athens, the next best thing is travel books.
After work I meandered around the book store to search out books that fit the topic I'm going to write about. I started at the history magazines, because one might find that Archeaolgy mag that might have an article that I might to read, (which it didn't have anything that has to do with my topic). So I made my way to the travel section. To find out that they didn't have the book I wanted, and one book I did want.
Looking at the price of the book got me thinking are travel books over priced due to the place of travel or is it the book store or even the publisher?

The book I was looking for is DK Eyewitness Travel of Turkey, since the Temple of Artemis that was in Ephesus which is now modern Turkey. But to my shock.. The book store didn't have any books on Turkey but one on Instanbul. Which kind of sucks because they had a whole shelf dedicated to Porto Rico...
So what can a writer do when she comes to this problem?
She grabs the one on Greece and starts thinking that Turkey was part of Greece Empire at one point and out of curiosity she wanted to see how long would it take the book store to get it in stock if she ordered it?
I did the next best thing and went and found out that it would take a week to get the book on Turkey, but the killer was going to be the price..


Are the Gods crazy???? I bet they are rolling over lauging at those mortals who are willing to pay $30 for a lousey travel book, so I did the next best thing was to go home and checked Barnes and Noble and found out that it's only like $20.60 for the book (which I still find a little too much), so I'm going to stick with b&, its so much cheaper then the local book store..

Now I'm curious to see how much the book on Greece will be.

 Sigh.. I wish I just had the money to travel...It would be so much easier to go and get the feel of the place then reading it in books.
Well, my dears. This is tonight blog, I can't tell you what tomorrow will be about because

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